Сетевое решение PON для гостиниц

Hotel PON Network Solution

There is a feature called “One room with multiple cables.” in traditional hotels. There are many cables in a room. In general, there are many business systems in hotel rooms with complicated deployment. These bring so much burden to weak good personnel, and this problem has not been well solved. Too many cables and equipment are used, and it turns to be more complicated to the process of pre-wiring and post-maintenance. With the depth of the Internet+, the popularity of intelligence has begun to be applied in hotels, and the concept of smart hotels has attracted more and more attention from young consumer groups (Main consumer groups today). How to allow guests to comfortably and naturally enjoy the hotel’s high-quality services? Smart hotels’ related applications and the actual experience of visiting matter a lot. The construction of a hotel’s network upgrade is the basis for the good development of hotel services, and it is also a key factor for hotels’ business expansion.

V-SOL’ s POL all-optical network solution comes to help.

POL (Passive Optical LAN), a new type of local area network networking method based on PON technology, optimizes the basic wiring and network structure of the LAN, making the network structure is flatter and more concise. It inherits the advantages of the PON network such as large bandwidth, high reliability, flatness, easy deployment, and easy management. POL network can uniformly carry broadband, voice, video, WiFi, CATV, office and other services.

Its advantage is extremely simplified, like 1 room with 1 fiber, 1 machine with multiple uses, and 1 network with multiple functions.

  • 1 room with 1 fiber: Only one fiber is deployed in one room, and only one terminal is equipped in that room.
  • 1 machine with multiple uses: One converged gateway meets 3 needs like enterprise routing, Internet logging and IPTV smart TV.
  • 1 network with multiple functions: One network meets all access scenarios like guest rooms, security, wireless, and access control to achieve full coverage of all scenarios.

Инновации стимулируют развитие, качество создает бренд

Мы разрабатываем, производим и продаем оптические системы доступа к коммуникациям и терминальное оборудование, и первыми в отрасли выпустили ряд уникальных продуктов, в основном включающих оптические сетевые устройства (ONU/ONT), оптические линейные терминалы (OLT), голосовые шлюзы (VoIP-шлюзы) и другие серии продуктов доступа, разработанные для удовлетворения потребностей операторов связи и предназначенные для обеспечения сверхвысокой скорости сети для пользователей широкополосной связи по всему миру.

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